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He has many uses to place and position her on this chair much to her shame and embarrassment with the finale being sat on it with her bottom poking right our displaying all her charms as he continues to spank her until her bottom is a dark shade of shameful red.

They both understand the need for strict discipline & actually both enjoy the ritual.It was then decided that yet another Spanking was needed (as if either Jodie or Hanne had not already been through enough earlier on in the day) And so it was decreed that over the knee both minxes would go for a long hard bare bottom spanking!This new domestic discipline video is out now for download from the massive Spanking members only video area!Elizabeth especially likes to see Lucy in her school outfit waiting to get her bottom bared bent over and given a severe thrashing.Lucy's bottom is first given a very hard spanking while she has to remain bent over the chair.

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