Carbon dating geology

The park is comprised primarily of high, forested, volcanic plateaus that have been eroded over - the millennia by glaciation and stream flow and that are flanked on the north, east, and south by mountains.

While the monsoon rarely fails completely, the amount of rain delivered to the north varies.There are 3 major structural components, the stable Western Shield, the gently warped Central Basin, and the ancient orogony of the Eastern Uplands, which have been rejuvenated by differential uplift in Tertiary and later times.The result is the vast plains and plateaux of the Australian landscape.Australia is a compact continent that has few major islands, inlets or embayments and a coastline of a bit less than 20,000 km.The ratio of shore length to land area of about 1 km of coast for every 390 km off the north coast are the only major islands.

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