Dating turnoffs for men

I speak often about how hard dating is in today’s technology driven climate, and although there are plenty of benefits to online dating the truth is it allows us to nitpick every little thing, in the hopes that the next will be even better.As someone who is definitely guilty of doing this, I understand.It’s why I only like to text a few times before setting up a date.If I talk to a girl for too long I invent this idea of who they are.” -Rob, 27 “If her laugh is too intense or she laughs at everything I do/ say then I’m so not about it.Like what her 15 year plan is, that usually means it’s not going to work out.

He tries to see if you have any hobbies, and you say, “Err…I watch Netflix”. Whether it’s turning up to a bar in sneakers and jeans, or looking like you stuffed your hair in a ponytail and didn’t put any make-up on, guys are more keenly aware of these details than women think.Like even if she snaps at a waiter to get their attention I’m outta the game.I used to work as a waiter in college so I’m really protective of anyone in the service industry.” -Lucas, 28 “I hate it when a girl won’t let a date end.One of the things that turns me off on a first date is any mention of someone’s ex.I wanted to know what other people’s biggest turn offs were when it comes to first dates, so I asked 15 guys on their biggest turn off and this is what they had to say.

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