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Richard, 55, returned to St Marys Church in Finedon for his usual weekly service but this time he was being followed by the Strictly cameras.Back in the pulpit, he revealed he had battled through a back injury during the grueling training sessions ahead of the BBCOne show next Saturday before showing off his footwork to his 300 parishioners.Joanna Krupa opened up about her divorce from Miami night club owner Romain Zago saying the heartbreaking experience has left her feeling 'unbreakable', Daily can reveal.And the 39-year-old reality TV star - who finalized her divorce on August 17 - admits she's 'delighted' that she froze her eggs three years ago, because she can still fulfill her dream of having children.Proving that Sunday isn't a day of rest if you're a Strictly contestant, the pair looked deep in conversation as the took their time out.Back in the pulpit: He revealed he had battled through a back injury during the grueling training sessions ahead of the BBCOne show next Saturday before showing off his footwork to his 300 parishioners Debbie sported some floral pink leggings and a cropped leather black jacket, looking like she meant business.

Previous contestant Johnny Ball is the oldest man, 74 at the time; and at one point his comedy partner Tommy Cannon was tipped to overtake him when he was rumoured to be taking part this year, at the age of 78.

You just gotta keep going.'Krupa says she still believes in love, but credits not giving up her own career for being able to deal with the heartache.'I'm a hard worker, I'm very independent, so I think the fact that I have always had my own career, that really helped me as well,' she said.'And thank goodness I never gave up my career for a man because you know what, maybe right now I would not be in the situation that I am.'I still believe in love and finding the man I will still have kids with.

You never know what life can bring.' 'It's just that certain things in a relationship that don't necessarily work out': Krupa said she and Romain Zago (pictured leaving court in Miami after officially signing divorce papers) respect the ten years they shared as a couple She added: 'I would love to have a boy and a girl - that is my dream.'Polish-born Krupa says she is solely 'focused' on work for the moment, adding that her inner-strength comes from her childhood when she and her family emigrated from Poland to move to the US.'I helped raised my sister so I think I just grew with thick skin and no matter what, I think I'll be okay, she said, adding: 'I think I'm tougher than anything right now and I'm unbreakable right now.'Krupa has previously said she lost seven pounds after the split, enduring the 'worst Christmas imaginable'.

'Because there would be days that I would wake up in the morning with really bad knots in my stomach and I didn't want to go to work, but you know what, those animals kept me focused and they were therapy.'Krupa also put on a brave face on social media after the split, regularly posting nude, or nearly nude photos, perhaps to show her ex what he's missing.'You know what, I think maybe it is because I'm European and I love my body,' she says with a beaming smile.

She explained that her and Zago's marriage went off the rails because of their differing priorities, but she insists the former couple are still friends.'I think the biggest thing is that we still remain very close, we're very close friends,' she explains.

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