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Psychiatrists assist the patient and their loved-ones in understanding the treatments involved and the decision-making.One of the functions of a CL psychiatrist is not only to help a medically-ill patient but also to assist a doctor in taking care of a difficult patient.Pertinent in the physical examination is a body mass index of 23.7 kg/m2. He had no visible facial hair, but he admits to undergoing laser treatment for these.The patient did not consent to a breast examination but claims that he wears a cup A bra size for breasts likened to teenager.He has fine terminal hair in the forearms and coarse terminal hair in the lower extremities.

Sex reassignment involves a multidisciplinary approach wherein the psychiatrist or mental health practitioner, endocrinologist and surgeon play active roles.It may be to establish the diagnosis, for psychotherapy or clearance for surgery.Inform the psychiatrist of all prior tests done, medications taken and evidence that the patient is not intersex. It can be handled by any general psychiatrist or the subspecialty of consultation liaison (CL) psychiatry.or individuals who identify or desire to live and be accepted as members of the opposite sex.Often they wish to alter their bodies using hormones or surgery, though this is not a requirement for diagnosis.

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