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Select one friend to go live with and press "Add." Your invitee will get a pop-up notification and will need to accept before joining the broadcast.

You or your guest can end the conversation at any time by tapping the "X" in the corner of the screen.

With more than 500 million users worldwide, Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts, oo Voo, Fring, and Tango have redefined not only how job interviews are conducted but the way we communicate in general.

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Sarkar says this is something influencers have been asking for, as a way to communicate more directly and openly with fans.

Then, the original broadcaster can keep going on their own, invite someone new on, or end Live altogether.

You'll still be able to share the video to your Story afterwards if you want to extend its lifespan."Live brought on a new level of authenticity," Sarkar said.

And while all of my friends have a version of Mirror Face—cheeks tighten, lips pucker, and brows lift into a doll-like position rarely seen in actual life—none of us who aren't Hollywood celebs have figured out how to maintain Mirror Face while moving. But the notion of an impromptu on-camera conversation feels less like catching up and more like an audition.

Until now, I've managed to evade requests for video calls by feigning poor reception or unavailability. On video, eye contact is interrupted by glimpses at my own face—a nagging, sallow, undefined distraction in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

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