Radiocarbon dating proceedings of the ninth international conference

Marechal, The influence of contaminating (fossil) carbonate and the variation of δ13C in mortar dating.

Dauchot-Dehon, Isotopic fractionation of carbon during CO2 absorption by mortar.

19 years of mortar dating January 2-5 participation with a poster in the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Chicago, Åsa Ringbom and John R. Radiocarbon 2012 2011 Ringbom, Åsa, The Voice of the Åland Churches – New light on Art, Architecture and History, published by Ålands Museum, Form: April Kommunikation, Vaasa Graphics 2011, 160 pages, 188 images. Hohlfelder, Assistant editors Pia Sjöberg and Pia Sonck-Koota, Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum 128 2011. bra_langley_et_al Hodgins G, Lindroos A, Ringbom Å, Heinemeier J, Brock F. Jungner, C-14 datering af kalkmörtel, Arkeologiska udgraevninger i Danmark 1994, (in Danish with English translation), 1995, 23-40.

Hale, Poster Chicago 2014 2013 Ringbom, Å., Heinemeier, J., Lindroos, A., Mörteldatering og Kirkearkaeologi. Aktuel Naturvidenskab 6 2012 Lindroos, Alf, Lior Regev, Markku Oinonen, Åsa Ringbom, Jan Heinemeier, 2012, 14C Dating of Fire-Damaged Mortars From Medieval Finland, RADIOCARBON Vol 54. ISBN 987-952-5614-43-8 (translation of Åländska kyrkor berättar from 2010). Download Chapter 3, The Åland Churches Project and the Necessity of Interdisciplinary Research. 14C Dating of Roman Mortars – Preliminary Tests Using Diluted Hydrochloric Acid Injected in Batches, 209-213.

Jungner, Dating of Mortar and Bricks, an Example from Finland, Archaeometry.

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Föredrag hållet vid Finska Vetenskaps-Societetens symposium Aktuell forskning den , Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Sphinx årsbok 2010-2011, 17-28. Problems in Radiocarbon Dating of Roman Pozzolana Mortars, 214-230. Lindroos, Dating of lime mortar – Preparation of the sample, a challenge for the geologist and the mineral chemist, Iskos 11, 1997, 208-213. A compilation made by W G Mook in 1983 lists 174 gas counters used in as counting gas.Most of the techniques mentioned in this review were already available around 1975 (see the Proceedings of the Ninth International Radiocarbon Conference (Berger & Suess 1979)); since that time, gas proportional counting has become a routine operating technique in several laboratories.Wherever possible, reference is made to individual laboratories; however, as the more technical aspects of the technique that are central to this chapter are rarely fully documented in the literature, we take most examples from the Heidelberg laboratory, and are fully aware that this description gives heavy weight to a single installation.2016 Hayen, Roald, Mark Van Strydonck, Elisabetta Boaretto, Alf Lindroos, Jan Heinemeier, Åsa Ringbom, Sophie Hueglin, Danuta Michalska, Irka Hajdas, Fabio Marzaoili, Francesco Maspero, Anna Galli, Gilberto Artioli, Christophe Moreau, Pierre Guibert and Marta Caroselli, Absolute Dating of Mortars Integrating Chemical and Physical Techniques to Characterize and Analysis and Select the Mortar sample, Proceedings of the 4th Historic Mortars Conference HMC 2016, 10th – 12th October Santorini, Greece. Keppens, Radiocarbon dating of lime fractions and organic material from buildings, Radiocarbon 34, (3) 1992. In IInd Daye International Conference of prehistory, Vol II.

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