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The WAV recordings mentioned above may be used within Abel to reproduce the sound of the given tower.After downloading the ZIP file, open it and view the Readme file within.Spelling errors in the inscriptions are taken literally from Sharpe, except for those errors in his text which are not explicitly marked as sic by him.For example, at St Giles excelsis is here used instead of Sharpe's exelsis on the 3rd, and conscendat instead of consendat on the 6th.More details, such as the methods most often rung, can be found on the ringing page.The descriptions of the churches were written by Hugh Deam and most of the photographs are by Paul Lucas.Please note that these downloads may take some time to complete if your Internet connection is slow.These first towers usually hold a weekly practice session in the evening as shown.

A translation from Latin to English is given by pointing the mouse to the Latin phrase in question.

In addition to the MP3 recordings of the bells ringing, on this page are uncompressed WAV recordings of the individual bells themselves.

From these were measured the hum, prime and nominal frequencies in Hertz (cycles per second) using Bill Hibbert's Wavanal.

Wavanal was also used to calculate the given note names using a twelve-tone equal tempered scale (12-TET) with A at 440Hz.

As is conventional with church bell notation, C1 is middle C (C4 on the piano) and B0 is the note immediately below it.

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